Beresford 1926

The BlasterBy Sandy McHoots

Club History readers know that when the age of rediscovery of our Club History began 25 years ago we had only one photo of the Club from the "Beresford CC" days (1911-1945).

Over the last 25 years we found photos from Willie Nicholls’ scrapbook and also from Helen Lengfeld. This year we found 5 photos of our golf course from 1914-1920 and published the history of the first Beresford CC course in the Blaster this summer.

I have now uncovered even more visual History that I never thought even existed. Thanks to the internet history is always surfacing and I've found a beauty. A ten-minute home movie taken around the grounds of the Beresford CC in 1926. Want to see what 1926 golf swings looked like? Want to see the original pool with only 3 feet of space around all sides? Want to see a photo of the 7th fairway when it was a par four coming up from the Alameda ? Want to see Members shamelessly mugging for the camera and smoking cigars? (Well, ok, we can see that now can't we?)

So- with the Clubhouse just having turned 100 years old, let's take a look at some still pictures from this great home movie from the Ransohoff Collection at the Prelinger Archives. If you want to watch the film in its entirety you may see it at:

All captions below will refer to hole numbers as the course is numbered today to help the reader.
  • Warming up with some shag balls from the edge of the second green hitting back down the fairway.
  • There's nothing like enjoying a cigar out at the pool. The narrow walkway went all around the pool with two tone columns.
  • Our Members have always driven the best cars and parked in the back lot.
  • Wooden racquets and stylish headgear a must for tennis.
  • The view of # 7 green. A long par four that played uphill from Alameda.
  • Putting across the 9th green, over the ridge that was restored by architect Ron Forse.
  • This looks like # 10 in the background. In the foreground? Could it be Club Pro Willie
     or just a look alike?
 The search goes on. Are there more archives to be discovered? More photos?

 If you find something relating to Beresford or Peninsula contact the GM of PGCC and he will make sure we preserve it.